Government Contracting

Med Data Management, LLC specializes in Local, Educational Facilities, Correctional Institutions, State and Federal government contracting for EHR Systems, medical billing and scheduling. Our billing system is robust and is specific to Medicare and Medicaid with a pre-scrub apparatus for code validity, denial defender to ensure claims are not sent back from probate insurance companies or Medicare/Medicaid, and recommendations to amend/correct a claim with any errors..


Med Data Management, LLC is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise/Small Business/Minority Owned Business that offers Healthcare Technology and Revenue Management services. Med Data Management, LLC specializes in Local, Educational Facilities, Correctional Institutions, State and Federal government contracting.

  • Healthcare Technology:
    Customized Electronic health Records (EHR) cloud based platforms licensed with NexGen and RXNT. Virtual telehealth features are imbedded in both EHR platforms. We will manage and monitor the EHR system and service tickets submitted while providing frequent reports. We will ensure quality customer support and update the system with annual coding changes or credentialing requirements.
  • Management Services:
    Med Data Management, LLC offers a service for the client to operate their own revenue management, or we can perform those services. For example, medical billing (private insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid), Collections, HIPAA Compliance, Audits, Credentialing. Med Data Management, LLC can also serve as a consultant to identify a healthcare technology best suited for the client.
  • President/Project Manager Bio:
    I have served asthe Electronic Health Records (EHR) Administrator with the Sacramento County Health Department; Division of Adult Correctional Health where nearly 3,500 inmates are housed in two facilities. These facilities offered numerous specialty care for the inmate population of 3,500. As the Chair of the Steering Committee, I led the service line directors in policy change management.
    As a Senior Financial Analyst for Yolo County (217,000 residents), I managed the Health and Human Services Agency's budget of $220 million dollars that added programs for infectious disease and modernized healthcare technology.
    My formal education has earned me both a Doctor of Social Work (DSW), and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degreesfrom the University of Southern California (USC), as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Sacramento State University.
Electronic Health Records (EHR) System, Medical Billing, Collections, HIPAA Compliance, Credentialing, Consulting
Project Manager Rosalio Altamirano, PMP
Phone Cell: 530-574-2975
Certifications SDVOSB/DVBE/Small Business/ Minority Owned Business
DUNS Number 118858721
Bonding $1M
Worker's Comp